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About Us

The East Midlands Vulval & Sexual Difficulties Special Interest Group are a multidisciplinary Nottinghamshire based team of health professionals focused on the care of women with vulval disease, sexual dysfunction and urogenital pain. Our focus is on raising awareness, networking and shared learning.

Why We Are Different

In the past patients have been treated on an indivual basis, passed from pillar to post with what seems very little communication between specialist areas. The EMVSD team works as a multidisciplined unit jointly discussing each patient to find the best solution for that person. By working as a joint team patients have benefited from faster diagnosis, faster treatment and faster recovery.

Meet the Team

Image of Angela Gregory

Angela Gregory

Location: Nottingham
Daytime Role: Psychosexual Therapist at Nottingham University Hospital

Image of David Nunns

David Nunns

Location: Nottingham
Daytime Role: Lead Colposcopist, Consultant Gynaecological Oncologist

Image of Alison Towner

Alison Towner

Location: Nottingham
Daytime Role: Phsychosexual Therapist

Image of Dawn Johnson

Dawn Johnson

Location: Nottingham
Daytime Role: Psychosexual Therapist

Image of Mary Chestnutt

Mary Chestnutt

Location: Nottingham
Daytime Role: Pelvic Health Physiotherapist


Multidisciplinary Study Day on Vulval & Sexual Difficulties

Friday 22nd April 2022
Nottingham Crowne Plaza Hotel
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email us at info@emvsd.co.uk

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